Monday, June 4

Making Crumpets

Crumpets are the perfect treat to snack on. They are light, warm, and basically melt in your mouth when eaten with soft butter and sweet jam (and cream if you have any).

This is the recipe, given to me by my mom, that I made at work on my birthday. I made four times the quantity of the ingredients below and they still came out perfectly!
1 Cup Self Raising Flour
¼ cup castor sugar
¼ teaspoon bicarb
1 Egg
¾ cup milk
1t vinegar
15g melted butter (melt in microwave)
Sift the dry ingredients, mix the wet ingredients and add to dry. Beat until smooth. Let stand
For 5 mins and fry gently in pan. 
Do not squash the crumpets down with the spatula as this takes all the air out of them and they won't look like they have lovingly risen. 
My mom's tip was to fry them slowly, wait until they bubble and then turn.
Serve with butter, jam and cream.

Tuesday, May 15

happy birthday me

yesterday i had a lovely birthday; d made me ufo's in bed for breakfast, i made crumpets for work tea, then went for a Thai massage, met my mama for caramel swissroll for lunch treats, and in the evening enjoyed delicious pizza with d in candle light at charlie superstar. i am officially 25, and i am loved.

Friday, May 11

seeing the world

you know when sometimes days are too long. and you wish you could get out, roam the seaside, breath in cold fresh air. but instead you must sit at a desk inside all day.

shopping can help dull these urges.

i bought these earrings at mr price yesterday to do just that. aren't they lovely?

Thursday, May 10

i love cheeses

d's sister invited us for this amazing spread last week...

if you want to find out what she served and what i think of cheeses click HERE